The Best Artificial Intelligence Tools In The Fashion Industry

Billboards about Artificial Intelligence have been lining Highway 101 in San Francisco for as long as I've lived here, over 3 years.  As I talk to people about AI they wonder, what does someone interested in Fashion care about Artificial Intelligence?  Now is the time, more than ever when years of research are being applied to industry.  We've seen projects like IBM's Watson market to a wide range of industries and entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to Innovate (with a capital "I".)

So what are some of the most interesting things happening with AI in the Fashion Industry?  Here are the top 3.

The Gender Spending Gap

This past week my filter bubble has been exploding with reposts of Susan Fowler and other stories of women experiencing sexual harassment at Uber.  The inequities of being a professional woman in today's society go well beyond sexual harassment or the gender pay gap.  

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Virtual Persuasion

For many fashion designers, Virtual Reality and the haptic wearables that go with the experience are just another set of accessories for gaming.

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10 Minute LED Hack to Light-Up Any Garment

One of the first things people ask about to get started embedding electronics in textiles is "How do I light this up?"  Here's a super fast hack to get you started lighting up garments in 10 minutes.  When the battery is disconnected, this sweater is just a normal sweater.  If you remove the battery completely, it can be washed as usual.

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Women and Wearables

Many recent studies have shown how gender diversity improves the efficacy of teams.  Perhaps this and other initiatives for gender equality and social change are responsible for triggering a movement towards reform in our educational system.  Universities are starting to study the impact of introducing students to electronic textiles.  

IoT Developments That Are Building the Future: Fashion Wearables to Medical Devices

I know...  Fashion Tech and Wearable IoT are getting kind of annoying.  You might be rolling your eyes with every new "LED Dress" and "Fitness Tracker" introduced to the market.  Some of these consumer-driven devices are enabling the development of tech that will be critical for the future of this industry.  These seemingly small developments will make products that can save or at least augment lives.  There is a bigger reason why you should care.

Fashion Show Basics for Tech Nerds

Get rid of your preconceptions. The fashion industry gets a bad rep for being superficial and wasteful. The industry is damaging to our minds, bodies, and our environment. In other words, it has power. Fashion touches us literally, figuratively, and indirectly in every moment of our lives.

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