If You Can Make a Dress, You Can Build a Dresser

For people who work predominantly with fabrics, the idea of working with rigid objects can be daunting.  Here’s a project I did to build a mid-century modern influenced dresser.  All of the parts were cut from plywood using flat patterned tool paths on a laser cutter.

I built the model in 3D using Solidworks.  It’s also possible to use free tools like Onshape for this job.  I mocked it up to the thicknesses of the plywood.  I then drew the joinery on each flat surface.

I did the same for each of the drawers using different thicknesses of plywood.  For the bottom of the drawer, I used 1/4″ ply.  For the walls, I used 1/2″.  For the dresser, I used 3/4″.  When metal drawer slides aren’t used, it’s best to offset the bottom of the drawer so that the drawer slides on the sides instead of the bottom, causing less resistance.

The pleasure of laser cutting 3/4″ Plywood!

When I designed this piece, I did so for multi-purpose.  Side openings double as a nightstand.  Bookshelves are in the front.

MakeLeanne Luce