Sizing, Fit, and Customization Resources

Sizing / The Fit Problem

  • Each human has a unique morphology
  • Sizes lack consistency across brands
  • The average woman is a size 14, but regular sizes stop at 12 and plus size starts at 16
  • Body type is largely unaccounted for in sizing systems

The Human Body In The Computer

  • Methods of Body Scanning
  • Avatars, Parametric Rigging
  • User Experiences


  • Size Matching
  • Product Configurators for Co-Creation / Customization
  • Virtual Fitting Room
  • Simulations and Visualizations: Patternmaking


Sizing / Fit Solutions

Size Matching (Data)

Fit Matching Brands

Virtual Fitting Room

(Product Configurators based on fashion products, integrated with body scanning or avatars.)

Evaluating the Problem

How to Get Your Body into a Computer

Multi-Sensor Body Scanning Fitting Rooms


  • Naked Body Scanning Mirror
  • Volumental Foot Scanning and Face Scanning only (uses Intel Real Sense)
  • mPort Primarily focusing on health and fitness currently
  • Me-ality Scanning for pairing with brand fit

Sales Experience with 3D Scanning

These two brands have two things in common: they are 3D scanning fitting rooms and making menswear.  The technology Alton Lane uses is from TC2, Acustom uses Size Stream.

Body Scanning Databases

Customization / Co-Creation

Product Configurators

A product configurator is basically a 3D tool in your browser that lets you customize/configure a product in different variations.  The Visual Configurator lets a brand show its customers what the product will look like.

Other Live Configurators for Custom Apparel/Shoes

Custom Graphics/Prints

  • PAOM Custom Prints
  • Unmade Personalized knitted graphics

Custom Fit

Pattern making Technologies for Visualization

These systems are industry standards for pattern making, however they are cost prohibitive running at around 30k.  Most of these companies also make hardware that is compatible with their file structures.  Ie: plotters, automatic cutters.  More on Pattern making Processes.

Rendering / Simulation

Marvelous Designer / CLO3D (These are the same company, targeted for different use cases.  Marvelous Designer is the original tool for animation.  CLO3D is the same tech marketed to the Fashion Industry.  You can download both for a free 1 month trial.)

  • Marvelous Designer:
  • CLO3D:
  • All meshes are not the same.  KES system for fabric evaluation for fabric physics models:
  • Sensitive Couture, Interactive Garment Editing Research: