Snapchat is Leading Fashion to Virtual Try-On

Here are Five Links that indicate how Snapchat is leading the Fashion Industry into Virtual Try-on technology:

  1. Michael Kors creates virtual sunglass trial using Snapchat lens
  2. Burberry sponsors first Snapchat Lens for ‘steamy’ My Burberry Black launch
  3. Sanuk Director of Marketing Anders Bergstrom Talks About His New Position, Marketing Initiatives, and What’s Coming Up for 2017
  4. Tiffany Becomes First Luxury Brand to Buy a Snapchat Lens  (If you’re not a member of WWD, access the article here.)
  5. Snapchat Is About To Bring You 3-D Selfies, Probably  Going 3D will be critical for moving into fashion products.

Snapchat is already infiltrating beauty advertisements, movies, and sports!