What They Wore on Mr. Robot for Different Body Types

So you love Mr. Robot.

If you’re reading this blog, you might also love clothing.  Clothing has an uncanny way of helping us understand people.  These are intimate objects that we all wear every day.  They say something about our emotional state, our personalities, and our experiences in the world.

When I was a kid, I used to cut out looks from magazine and build my own word documents filled with pages of ‘looks for less.’  It was a concept I stole from Teen Vogue in the early oughts.  It feels ridiculous and a little bit of a waste of time, but I’m interested to know what your thoughts are.  In this post, I share my quest for Angela’s work attire and thoughts on how to wear it.  I've also created a use case for simulations of this look on several body types.  Why?  Because most of us aren’t Angela’s size.  What can we learn from seeing the same look on different body types?

Women in Mr. Robot

Why am I interested in these women?  The female characters in the series are strong, confident, and intelligent no matter how they are dressed.  The way the show deals with the topic of gender is diverse.  All of the women pictured in the series are challenged by questions that women face in the workplace, making life decisions, and asserting power.  Each of the characters handles these questions and challenges differently.

This series may be a pivotal moment for recruiting women into technology.  The character Darlene is a rebel and a subversive role model.  She’s the cigarette smoking, short shorts wearing, rule breaker, thrill seeker that teens tend to love.  Teens emulating her behavior by getting interested in technology and coding would be a net positive for the community.


If Darlene’s character is the teenage antithesis of a role model, Angela’s character is the guide for women in their 20s.  She is a guide to professional dress.  Her presentation plays up the sense that she is in control, and inaccessible.

Her workwear is not sexy and not sloppy.  But that doesn’t mean she won’t get hit on in the workplace.  See how she handles inappropriate come-ons in the workplace with a simple, firm, effective “No” in S2 E7 (below).

Take an outfit from the last episode, S2 E7,2.5_h4ndshake.sme for example.  Does Angela’s “Don’t mess with me”  look right for your body type?

When this article was originally posted, readers were asked to give feedback about the above simulation.  50% of readers founds the simulations useful, one asked to see them on a lighter background.

Shopping for Wide Leg Pants

How wide is too wide and what will look best on me?

If you’re worried about looking short, shop for pants that are a little narrower.  You’ll still get a dramatic effect.  Do keep in mind that a wide leg pant can make you look shorter.  Going high rise is your best bet for getting around that.  Here’s a pair that might work for you from Express $69.90. Remember this while you’re shopping.  Be sure not to shop for something that flares too low on the leg.  If they need to be hemmed, you will loose the effect.  Look for something that flares higher on the leg.

If you’re athletic or curvy, look for a pair with a little extra stretch.  You’ll be more comfortable moving around all day.  Here’s a pair from New York & Company $49.94.  These are also lower rise.

If you’re feeling dramatic, go all out with these wide leg pants from ASOS $41.00.  Pleats allow for more fabric starting from the waist, giving width through the entire leg.  They will look best with height.  So if you’re not tall, heels may be required.

Looking for a wardrobe staple?  Here’s a bit of a splurge from Barney’s by designer Nili Lotan $395.00.

Curious about Pattern making?  Check out my article The Fundamentals of Pattern Making for Brands to learn more about how to work with a pattern maker for the first time.

The Silk Blouse

You’ve seen the simulations.  Maybe you’re thinking ‘my boobs are too big for that look’ or you’re style is more feminine.  Here are a few blouse options for all shapes, sizes, and preferences.

Givenchy on sale at Neiman Marcus! $420, Nili Lotan at Barney’s $400, Diane Von Furstenberg $298, Brooks Brothers$148, Vince Camuto at Nordstrom $79, and H&M $39.99  (The only one that is not silk is the Vince Camuto top.)

The Look

Bring it all together with your favorite black pumps and you’ve got yourself an Angela-esque outfit.

For larger busted women, I suggest considering either the Nili Lotan or Vince Camuto options.  They are a little lower at the neckline so you will appear less boxy.

Interested in other looks from Mr. Robot?

Vote here on what you would like to see next!  More of Angela’s Professional Style, Darlene’s grunge, or Joanna’s Vixen edge.

When this article was originally posted, readers were asked if they would like to see more posts like this one.  50% of readers preferred to see Darlene's Outfits.  That post has been combined with this one and is shown below.

You voted!  For Darlene!

Hello, Robot Friends!  Thanks for voting in my last Mr. Robot Post.!  And by a landslide you voted for Darlene’s grunge looks as the content of this next post.  Now, I will admit you voted before you saw last night’s episode.  As you requested, get the murderer look by checking out this post.   I am featuring the look Darlene has been sporting for the past two weeks.



The female lead, Darlene, is a beautiful, attitudinal, brilliant, malware coder. Her character breaks down stereotypes.  Darlene takes programming from being a physically inert activity and makes it an active and adventurous one.  She will be the role model for a lot of teenage girls.  Which brings up a bit of controversy.  She’s the quintessential bad influence.  She’s a cigarette smoker, a criminal, a murderer, and creates major disruption and chaos.  She dresses promiscuously.  She’s rude. She has speaking mannerisms, specifically her vocal fry, which would lead you believe that she is less intelligent than she is.

Body Image

To the young women reading this post.  Wearing short shorts does not make you beautiful and showing more skin does not make you sexy.  Being comfortable in your own skin gives you an aura of confidence that is by far the best look to wear.

Be careful with the way that you dress.  It has a huge impact on the way that people look at you.  In some ways, that gives you power.  Own your sexuality and be comfortable with who you are.  However, don’t dress a certain way because you think you should.  Ask yourself if you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.  Wear it because it looks good and feels good on you.  Not because someone else wore it.

That’s my two cents about it.  In the meantime, you want two things.  You want to know what it looks like on you and where to get it.  I have answers for you in this post.

How It Looks on You


How to Shop Darlene’s Look

The Plaid Shirt

Left to Right: Nordstrom|SideStitch $78.00,  Old Navy $26.94, A&F $29.00, ASOS Curve $41.00

A Solid Tee

Left to Right: Nordstrom|BP $18.00, American Apparel $30.00, Bloomingdale’s|Rag&Bone $115.00

Short Shorts

Left to Right: Urban Outfitters $49.00, ASOS $46.00, ASOS Plus $41.00

Knee High Tube Socks

Left to Right: Yandy $5.95, Boohoo $7.00, Nordstrom|DKNY $8.00

Awesome Black Boots

Left to Right: Dr. Martens $140.00, Steve Madden $79.98, Frye $128.00

The Sherpa Varsity Jacket (from the flashback scene where Trenton and Mobley met)


Left to Right:  Shopbop|Mother $325, Aeropostale $40.00

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Mr. Robot post!  Keep following the fashion robot for more articles like this one.  If you enjoyed learning about Darlene’s fashion and seeing how it looks on you.