KtY x BrainCo

Kitty Yeung didn't just make wearables at fashion week.  "KtY x BrainCo" was a collaborative piece she made using headgear by Boston start-up BrainCo to actuate LEDs embedded in her dress.

"I collaborated with the company BrainCo which makes headsets that collect brain signals. There are different sensors on the headset, connecting to LEDs in the dress via WiFi. One can use their brain signals or motions to control colors and patterns of the dress. Engineering and art combined."  — Kitty Yeung

Kitty has a PhD from Harvard University and is currently a Photonics Component Development Engineer at Intel.  Check out more creations by Kitty on her website: artbyphysicistkittyyeung.

BrainCo is a start-up out of Harvard Innovation Lab.  It uses EEG signal from the brain as it functions.  "Brainwaves" have different frequencies of signals summarized by:

  • alpha - normal electrical activity when conscious and relaxed, frequency of 8-14 hertz
  • beta - fast moving activity when conscious and alert, frequency of 18-25 hertz
  • theta - slow moving activity in locations not related to the task at hand, frequency 4-7 hertz

By using these different frequencies, wearers can connect their brain activity as a controller for all kinds of actuation.  Learn more about Sensors and Actuators.

Pictured above Kitty Yeung.  Photo by Qing Li,  Epoch Times .

Pictured above Kitty Yeung.  Photo by Qing Li, Epoch Times.