The Fashion Community Reacts to the Election

The fashion community is one of great diversity across gender, race, and sexual orientation.  Here are 5 quotes to summarize the reaction of the fashion community to the Presidential election.

Stephen Gan, editor-in-chief of V Magazine and VMAN and creative director of US Harper’s Bazaar: "We need to be strong, and continue what Hillary started. We at V have always believed in fashion as a force for affecting change, and making a difference in the world. We need to use this as a reason to work harder for the values we believe in, to be braver, and push ourselves even further creatively. With this election, we’ve seen some the ugliest behavior that this country has to offer. It’s our job now to remind people of how beautiful it can be."  — Business of Fashion
Leandra Medin, Man Repeller: "Trump’s presidency provides a real chance for our generation to fight for a critical system that unites us beyond skin color and gender, beyond sexual orientation and class." — Man Repeller
Garance Dore, French photographer, illustrator and author: "My vision of a progressive world, where women and men are finally equals, where racism is a thing of the past, where people of all color and religion and sexual orientation come together in a respectful way, where we work together to change a world and make it a place of healing, of care and attention for others and for our poor planet, that vision just broke down in million pieces at my feet. What did people say yesterday? That they are afraid. I have a few people in my life that vote for Trump. Or Le Pen, in France. I didn't chose them to be like that, but they are and I listen to them. They're not the devil. They're good people. I swear they're good people! What they feel is powerless. They feel forgotten. " — Vogue
#WearWhitetoVote:  "A grass-roots movement on social media has been urging women to #WearWhiteToVote in solidarity with the American suffragists, who adopted the color as one of their signatures and fought for what has now come (at least partly) to fruition: the first woman as a major party’s candidate for president." — New York Times

Sally Holmes, Elle Magazine: "You know what we do now? We finish building what we started and we FIGHT BACK! Lift your heads up brothers and sisters." — Elle

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