10 Minute LED Hack to Light-Up Any Garment


- Tape (something that won't rip when it is punctured)
- *Coin Cell Battery (I used a CR2450 which is 3V and 600mAh disposable batteries)
- *Stainless Steel Thread (from Adafruit)
- *LED Sequins (by Leah Beuchley from Adafruit)
- Fusible Interfacing (Can be purchased at your local fabric store!)

(*Purchase all of these materials from my wishlist at Adafruit.)

I'm a little embarrassed to share this, but I used medical tape to create a casing for the Lithium Ion Coin Cell Battery.  I cut a small hole on either side in order to control where the stainless steel threads were touching the battery and prevent short-circuiting.  On the top side, the tape peels off to disconnect the circuit.

The basics of this are: connect the + side with the + side to each LED sequin and connect the - side to the - side.  Chain it to connect with the battery making sure your lines don't cross.  

I used fusible interfacing as an insulator and to secure the conductive threads at the points closest to the LED where they were most likely to cross.  You could also increase your stitch frequency to help with this, however, as the fabric moves those areas are still at risk for touching.  Covering the entire area where there are conductive threads is another good idea.  For this project, I chose not to because I wanted to retain the stretchiness of the knit. 

When the battery is disconnected, this sweater is just a normal sweater.  If you remove the battery completely, it can be washed as usual.

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