Tech that Warns You Before Shopping Trump Products

The fashion and tech community have been clear about their position against several of Trump's recent executive orders including what he has called "the Muslim Ban." 

Many boycotts have spurred in the first couple weeks of his presidency.  "The left" starting boycotting Uber because founder, Travis Kalanick was on the president's business advisory board. (Note: he quit!)  "The right" starting boycotting Starbucks because... they vowed to hire 10,000 refugees of war over the next 5 years.

Trump Boycott Chrome Extension



We're smarter than that.  We can go straight to Trump and boycott anything associated with his Family brand.  In November 2016, GrabYourWallet released a spreadsheet of companies to boycott for their support of Trump's campaign or businesses.  I read it, but had a hard time implementing the boycott because cross referencing a long list of urls with every site I visited way time consuming and exhausting.

As a result, I built a Chrome Extension to make the Boycott easier.  The Trump Boycott Chrome Extension displays a banner in your browser that reminds you of Trump-affiliated or supported companies and offers content-related suggestions for Trump-Free alternative companies.

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