Evrnu Makes New Garments from Your Textiles Waste

San Francisco, WEAR Conferences 2017

Photo by The Fashion Robot

Photo by The Fashion Robot

The most inspirational speech of the WEAR Conference was by Stacy Flynn, CEO of Evrnu.  Stacy has worked in the apparel industry for 20 years and has been a part of a process that has created millions of garments.  Now she's on a mission to turn that around and make new garments from old materials, textiles that are at end of life.

There is a keen awareness in the industry now that what we are doing is not sustainable.  It's an industry where the key driver is consumption, but the materials do not always degrade.

Waste happens at every single stage of the textiles and apparel manufacturing process.  It's not as simple as saving a garment from ending up in a landfill and Evrnu knows that.  Their technology creates waste solutions that affect multiple stages of manufacture.

At a high level, they are textiles recyclers, but in the details, they're chemists.  Evrnu is creating what Stacy Flynn calls "shape shifting materials."  They take end of life textiles through this processes:

Sorting → Breaking down → Dissolving → Extruding → Making Yarns

The stats are pretty remarkable.  Evrnu's technology provides massive savings in water and CO2:

  1. 98% less water than new Cotton
  2. 90% less CO2 than Polyester

What are they making?

Of all textiles, 90% are either Cotton or Polyester.  Evrnu has been creating solutions around the massive supply of these two materials.  They're making cottons and polyesters that are even higher quality than the original goods.

In the dissolution and extrusion process of cellulose-based textiles like cotton, Evrnu is able to create yarns with longer staple fibers.  In apparel speak, longer staple cottons are softer, stronger, and often more expensive.

You can learn more about Staple Length at  The Textiles Study Center .

You can learn more about Staple Length at The Textiles Study Center.

Evrnu and Levi Strauss

Last year, Levi Strauss and Evrnu built the first pair of jeans made from post-consumer cotton waste.  Read more about the project on Evrnu's blog!

Levi's and Evrnu make jeans  from post-consumer cotton waste.

Levi's and Evrnu make jeans from post-consumer cotton waste.

What I Found Inspiring

Stacy spoke with a matter of factness and sternness, she wasted not a single breath on frivolity and had complete focus on Evrnu's powerful mission.  Instead of leaving the apparel industry, she's attacking the problems head-on and quite literally moving mountains.  

She brought a fresh story to an old idea.  Recycling materials is not new to the fashion industry, but the way that she's doing it is.  It is some how the perfect anecdote for the mission of the company to take something old and make it new again.