Custom Fit Dresses for $100 and Under

eshakti flutter sleeve green dress

There are several reason why I encourage making apparel purchases custom fit.  For one, the simple act of purchasing goods in a made-to-order system significantly reduces waste created by overstocked inventory.  By purchasing something you love, you're also likely to keep it longer.  Aside from the ethical reasons why shopping custom is good, there is no better feeling than putting on a dress that fits!


If you want to try out the idea, I recommend trying out eShakti first.  (They'll also give you $25 off your first order!)  The garments are inexpensive compared to other custom-fit brands, so you're taking less risk in making a purchase.  The down side is that because they're trying to appeal to such a wide demographic of women, they tend to have poor product curation.  For me, the best way to filter though is to go straight for solids, but for you it might be something else!

Even if you miss the size-grade by height alone, the experience of purchasing a dress that is the right length is one that is hard to regret.  For this reason, I've been quite pleased with my purchases on this platform.

Want to learn about more ways to engage with customized products?  Here's a rapid-fire article I posted full of resources and brands in custom fashion.

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