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Using Mastodon: The New Twitter

The first time I heard of Mastodon was over a year ago and I really did not understand it. I had a few assumptions: it's a bunch of small disjointed twitters, it's invite only, and it's a pain to use. Wrong, wrong, and wrong. In this post we're going to tackle: 3 myths, 3 reasons to join, and point you to 3 articles where you can learn more. Ready?

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Are your alt coins a part of your identity?

By participating, these tokens contribute not only to the hype of the blockchain, but become embedded in our identities.  A few months ago, I started working on a project called TetzelCoin. This is a token I identify with. Rather than exploiting the popularly of cryptocurrency only for greed, TetzelCoin raises money for a charitable cause that I consider worthwhile. It also calls to action something that I value: self-reflection.

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The Best Artificial Intelligence Tools In The Fashion Industry

Billboards about Artificial Intelligence have been lining Highway 101 in San Francisco for as long as I've lived here, over 3 years.  As I talk to people about AI they wonder, what does someone interested in Fashion care about Artificial Intelligence?  Now is the time, more than ever when years of research are being applied to industry.  We've seen projects like IBM's Watson market to a wide range of industries and entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to Innovate (with a capital "I".)

So what are some of the most interesting things happening with AI in the Fashion Industry?  Here are the top 3.

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