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IoT Developments That Are Building the Future: Fashion Wearables to Medical Devices

I know...  Fashion Tech and Wearable IoT are getting kind of annoying.  You might be rolling your eyes with every new "LED Dress" and "Fitness Tracker" introduced to the market.  Some of these consumer-driven devices are enabling the development of tech that will be critical for the future of this industry.  These seemingly small developments will make products that can save or at least augment lives.  There is a bigger reason why you should care.

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What is Soft Robotics?

Soft robotics describes an area of research building compliant actuators from soft-elastomers and textiles.  They are fluidic systems using fluids or air to actuate.  Soft robots offer unique benefits.  They are safer in proximity to humans and in delicate spaces such as coral reefs.  They’re compliant, cost-effective, and light weight.

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