Tommy Hilfiger Xplore Hack Part II with BuzzFeed

If you missed it, last month we posted an article about how easy it is to remove the smart tag from the smart garments of Tommy Jeans new Xplore collection.

This week, BuzzFeed released the video we’ve been working on about hacking the Tommy Hilfiger Xplore Garment on Youtube. We hope you enjoy it!

Hacking or Cheating?

There have been some questions in the audience about the terminology ‘hack’ and whether or not this could be called ‘hacking’ or if it’s just ‘cheating.’ I want to make my intentions clear. I define hack loosely... as a figure of speech, as a quick way around a problem. More could be done to highlight vulnerabilities in a device like this. My point here is that I think we should build products that cannot be hacked with off the shelf software. I didn't need coding skills to do this and to me that means there are potentially more vulnerabilities underneath the surface. It's something that industries like the fashion industry aren't always mindful of and that can cause great damage. (Ie: the IoT home devices hack that caused a massive internet outage in the US in 2016.) I do not claim here that I'm an expert hacker or top notch programmer that broke something through hours of coding. My intention is only to spark curiosity for people to think about both what makes products like this interesting and what makes them weak.

Thank you to the viewers who are curious enough to bring up this kind of discourse! I think it’s a really important discussion and exactly the discussion I would like to have. 🙏