Intro to 3D Knitting

3D knitting is a new term, but not a new technology. “Whole Garment” knitting has been a feasible concept for over 20 years. While knitting machines originally were meant to mimic the quality of a hand-knit garment, they have taken on a set of capabilities that are unique and could not be accomplished by the human hand. 3D knitting has increased in popularity as of late, particularly because of the mass manufacturing of sneakers made using 3D knitting techniques.



Fashion Robotics

An introductory class to Arduino Prototyping and embedding circuits in textiles. Coming soon! Subscribe to our mailing list for more details.



Designing Functional Garments

Studying Apparel Design and Fashion Design is often centered around Collection Development. This course takes a dive into design for function-based garments, taking on a Design Thinking and Product Development based process.