The Look: When a Neural Network Picks Your Outfit

The left mimicks the right.

The left mimicks the right.

If you've been following, you've probably seen a bunch of posts on our social media that feature these highly pixelated little images {like the one above on the right}. These images were generated by a neural network architecture called a GAN, which was trained on ~4,000 images taken by fashion bloggers. Here's how we generated those images.

While these little vignettes have proven truly delightful and sometimes even inspirational, some of our readers have been asking for style tips taken from these images. With the generated image as a jumping off point, we've put together a look for you here.  😉


Because they're generated by recent images, the generated images do capture the spirit of some of the most recent trends. This makes it easy to pull together a relevant and elegant ensemble that reflects what's going on today. Hope you've enjoyed this unusual exploration!

* The pants pictured in the image at the very top were not available. The suggested Vince trousers are not the same as the trousers in that image. 

Leanne Luce