The Look: No Seasons Land

leanne wearing a gray blazer, lavender top, and mustard yellow linen plaid skirt with tan leather shoes

When I was living in San Francisco, all of the seasons were blurred, often, into a single day. It was advisable to always carry layers in preparation for the inevitable evening chill. Returning back to New York, I am reminded of the joy of seasons. It's not just the beauty of the leaves turning red or the excitement of the first snow... it's the fashion.

Every year the insistence that Labor Day marks the end of summer perseveres, leaving us with three weeks in the month of September to ponder over what season it is. The shops all fill up with fall fashions that are too warm to wear. Until the equinox on September 22 marks the beginning of fall, we're in no-season's land.

leanne luce texture mix gray melange cotton blazer with a tan leather belt and mustard yellow linen plaid skirt

The Look