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The Fashion Industry is the second dirtiest industry in the world; second only to crude oil.  Its impact is felt around the world in our social systems, economic systems, ecosystems, and our daily lives.  We spend most waking moments in clothing, but we are frequently bombarded by messages reminding us of its superficiality.  For this reason, it has become easy to ignore the industry that wears itself at the surface of our skin.

The industry is changing.  The way that we design, manufacture, and sell garments is ripe for major disruption and it's happening now.

Communication is one of our biggest challenges.  This blog serves as a valuable resource for technologists learning about the fashion industry and fashion professionals interested in bringing new technologies to bear on their designs.

Press Room

Publications — Writer

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The following head shots of Leanne Luce are available for use to the media for promotional material for public speaking and media appearances, as well as publications.