About The Fashion Robot

leanne holding the pixel 2 by google and using the amazon echo look app for an article on the fashion robot

Welcome to The Fashion Robot, a blog about inspiring technologies in the Fashion Industry. We cover a cross section of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Culture, and Fashion.

The name, The Fashion Robot, is a play on words meant to address the tension between the superficiality of the clothes we wear everyday and the intelligence behind the production and distribution of those products.

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I started this blog in 2016 to explore popular technologies gaining a foothold in the fashion industry. I wanted to understand inner workings of the technologies themselves, but most articles to discover technology are either business and marketing forward or technical and academic. The articles I found rarely { if ever } struck any kind of balance. In this blog and in my book, I talk a lot about emerging technologies balancing explanation of technical concepts to a non-technical audience.

My hope is that The Fashion Robot sparks curiosity for creative people and dispels some of the fears associated with the rapid acceleration of tech. Please contact me for collaborations and to share your projects with our audience!