About The Fashion Robot

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Welcome to The Fashion Robot, a blog about inspiring technologies in the Fashion Industry. We cover a cross section of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Culture, and Fashion.

The name, The Fashion Robot, is a play on words which addresses the tension between the daily commitment we make to the clothes we wear {slave to fashion or not} and the smarts {or robots} it takes to make those garments. 

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Hi, I'm Leanne!

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I started this blog in 2016 to explore some of the popular technologies that were gaining a foothold in the fashion industry. Every time I would learn about something new, I would great difficultly finding any articles that explained how it worked.  I as craving depth out of the articles that dove into the inner workings of the technologies themselves and stopped talking only about who was using it.  In this blog and in my book, I talk a lot about emerging technologies with that point of view in mind. 

From my perspective, people who love fashion are a curious group of people, people who want to explore the world and experience things that are new and exciting. The challenge with technology is that it is not always visual and although it's new and exciting, sometimes it's hard to relate because it simply cannot be seen. I'm trying to change that with The Fashion Robot.