Intro to
3D Knitting


Intro To 3D Knitting


3D knitting is a new term, but not a new technology.  "Whole Garment" knitting has been a feasible concept for over 20 years.  While knitting machines originally were meant to mimic the quality of a hand-knit garment, they have taken on a set of capabilities that are unique and could not be accomplished by the human hand.  3D knitting has increased in popularity as of late, particularly because of the mass manufacturing of sneakers made using 3D knitting techniques.


Unit I : Intro to Knitting Machines

Intro to Knitting
- What is Knitting?

Knitting Machines
- Machine Types
- Machine Specialization
- Knitting Needles

Patternmaking Basics
- Converting Patterns to Knitted Files
- Converting to Stitches Per Inch

Unit II : Fibers and Yarns

Natural Fibers
- Fibers and Yarn Construction
- Performance characteristics of Natural Fibers

Synthetic Fibers - Polymers and Extrusion
- Yarn construction, Twist, and Textures
- Spinning Processes
- Functionality

Unit III : Knitting Stitches

Stitch Types
- Basic
- Specialty
- 3D Knitted Fabrics: Spacer Fabrics and Shaping

- Filament Count
- Dyes and Finishing

Unit IV : Knit Product Development

Knitted Products
- Traditional
- Technical

Tech-packing for Knitted Products
- Templates for Tech-packs, Industry Standards
- Working with Programmers and Project Managers

Collection Development vs. Product Development
- Collection Development Basics
- Product Development Basics

Unit V : Product Development

Product Basics
- Defining Design Parameters
- Design Methodology and Design Thinking
- Product Development Methods and Processes
- Product Lifecycle Management Tools

Unit VI : Testing Processes

Yarn Testing
- Basic Testing Practices on the Yarn Level

Fabric Testing
- Moisture Management, Breathability, Colorfastness
- Basic Methods for Testing on the Fabric Level

Unit VII : Innovation in Knitting

Developments and Innovation
- Independent Yarn Feeders
- Customization
- What’s happening in Knitting Research (Disney Compiler, OpenKnit, AYAB)