"Breathing life into a 3D product model requires more than state-of-the-art technology. It also asks for meticulous attention to detail. To capture every subtle nuance of your product in all its varieties. So you can – almost – feel the delicate texture of, say, a mattress cover. Or smell the sumptuous leather of a couch. We get to know your product down to its DNA, and recreate it in a configurator that is as captivating as it is user-friendly.

Our configurators run fluently on any device, and are able to cope with any number of product variations and combinations. How they pull that off? They run on our own revolutionary software platform. Images are generated on demand from high-resolution 3D models and sent to the consumer’s device within tenths of seconds. This technology is not only cutting edge today, but assures that our configurators are ready for any future demands on your product imaging such as the application of Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. All from the same repository of your 3D virtual products."