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Kobakant: How to Get What You Want

Documentation of wearable tech projects, materials, and resources.

"Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson have been collaborating since 2006, and in 2008 formed the collective KOBAKANT. Together, through their work, they explore the use of textile crafts and electronics as a medium for commenting on technological aspects of today’s “high-tech” society. KOBAKANT believes in the spirit of humoring technology, often presenting their work as a twisted criticism of the stereotypes surrounding textile craftsmanship and electrical engineering. KOBAKANT believes that technology exists to be hacked, handmade and modified by everyone to better fit our personal needs and desires.
In 2009, as research fellows at the Distance Lab in Scotland, KOBAKANT published an online database for sharing their DIY wearable technology approach titled HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT."

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Owen Geronimo on Flipboard

Owen Geronimo is a fashion scout at LVMH Prize - Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy + founder of StyleVR, V+AR Forum & SFFAMA, Inc. + executive director/producer of San Francisco Fashion Week TM & TECH Fashion Week TM + member of the advisory board for SXSW Accelerator + publicist of FashionTechPR/Fashion Tech Media LLC + talent scout at Frisc Agency.

He's garnered consecutive top recognitions at Stellar : SF Fashion Awards + 2015's Top 5 PR/Publicist at 10BestPR + Top 5 style magazine curator on Flipboard.

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Third Wave Fashion

A Fashion/Tech Blog and Magazine focused on Wearables and Fashion Retail Tech.

Third Wave Fashion was founded to help smart people like you to manage the breakneck speed with which fashion and technology are converging. We do things like provide guidance to giant tech companies about how to enter the wearable tech market, teach luxury fashion brands how to successfully partner with the new breed of fashion tech startups, and oh yeah: we publish a beautiful magazine about fashion tech + wearables.

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