Reactive Reality

"Reactive Reality’s technology drives a wide range of Augmented Reality (AR) applications by enabling quick content generation methods and user immersion. Our methods capture users and objects using image-based modeling and reproduce their appearance using image-based rendering. This approach is inherently scalable(every user has a camera) and realistic (photos and videos don’t look artificial, virtual objects often do). All our methods run on conventional mobile devices without any special sensors and was designed for instant zero latency operation.

User Immersion Through Image Based Rendering

Reactive Reality’s technology enables users to immerse themselves in Augmented Reality scenes with apparel, objects and landmarks. For example, users can see themselves wearing a summer dress while standing in front of the pyramids. With a single swipe, the same user is taken to a fashion show where she is posing as one of the models on the catwalk wearing the designer's clothes. Tilting the user's phone reveals new views of the scene and create a strong sense of immersion and depth.

Being image-based, the technology's fields of application are nearly limitless. Proprietary image-based modeling algorithms turn conventional images and photos into AR objects that can be viewed, tried on, animated and interacted with. Users just take a photo or capture a video to immerse in other worlds and can even create new worlds on their smartphones."