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Fitle is a French start-up that offers both Virtual Try-on and Fit Matching. 

"The idea was born from a simple fact: today, in a physical store, you can try on clothes before buying them. However, it is impossible to do online. This is one reason why 25% of the clothes are returned to the e-retailer in France.  In Fitle, after 3 years of R & D, we have developed solutions that allow e-shoppers to buy with confidence and the ready-to-wear brands to improve their conversion rates and reduce their rate of return."

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Styliff is a revolutionary virtual dressing app that allows users to try on clothes, purchase them and share outfits with friends. Your online shopping gallery, your personal stylist and your dressing room, all packed into this futuristic mobile and web app.

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Google's Project Tango

Tango lets you see more of your world. Just hold up your phone, and watch as virtual objects and information appear on top of your surroundings. So no matter where you are, there's always a richer, deeper experience to engage with, explore and enjoy. You'll see.  Measure your surroundings with 3D tools, then re-imagine them with virtual furniture, appliances and more.  Bring virtual objects into your world—from toys to planets to pets—and play with them like they're actually there.

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Obsess VR

Our mission is to replace today’s uninspiring and utilitarian web/mobile e-commerce user experiences with beautiful immersive interactive shopping experiences using Virtual Reality as the medium. Obsess is an early-stage startup building the software platform that will enable luxury fashion brands and retailers to take advantage of VR technology to create the next generation of customer experiences.

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We offer accurate measurement data and 3D visualization solutions to improve online and offline fashion sales, while securing less returns and an increase in brand loyalty. We give customers a positive virtual try-on shopping experience and fashion brands exciting PR opportunities. Our 3D body scanning solution for public sector uniform manufacturing reduce the cost of production in the short- and long-term.

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Body Labs

At Body Labs we unlock the human body as a digital platform. We are the first and only company to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to deliver the most accurate and versatile 3D digital body shape in the world. With the body model we bring physical body shape into the digital world."

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