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True Fit

"True Fit is footwear and apparel’s discovery platform. It has organized the largest platform of apparel and footwear data through its partnerships with thousands of top brands, the world’s leading retailers, and millions of consumers. Its data is mapped into its Genome™, which helps retailers and brands unlock digital growth in the $2 trillion footwear and apparel industry. The True Fit Genome™ powers its award-winning Confidence Engine™, allowing retailers to provide highly personalized fit ratings and size recommendations to shoppers, resulting in dramatic increases to net revenue. True Fit is also helping to unlock digital growth with its Discovery Engine™, which allows retailers to curate highly personalized collections to each consumer, as well as True Insights™, which provides retailers and brands unparalleled insights to optimize marketing, merchandising, and product development." —

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Answer a few basic questions and let us predict your body measurements (or measure yourself for a more accurate fit).  We match you with off-the-rack clothing from your favorite apparel brands, plus new brands that you may have yet to discover.  See which body measurements are being matched for each garment and customize your fit preferences to your liking.

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Myrio Solution

Myrio Software Solution is an interactive shopping concierge providing a seamless convergence of online and brick and mortar experience capturing complete customers behavior and preferences.  It provides predictive data analytics offering personalized suggestions, smart fitting room experience as well as fast interaction with the sales personnel from the fitting room. 

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Wazzat powers apps with visual context, enabling easy access to the right content. With Wazzat, your app is more likely to understand your user's query/interests. Wazzat Fashion is built for tireless fashion-hungry shoppers to find the right product on their favorite stores resulting in faster checkouts.

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Our state-of-the-art technology is able to recognize automatically, with no human interaction, complete outfits, accessories or individual pieces of clothes from images or videos, retrieving similar products from a specific database.

We have developed a serious fashion-brain data center, that is able to understand nuances and trends of global fashion in order to suggest a complete outfit from a single product, based in the latest fashion trends.

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Fit Code

After years in the modeling industry, our founders wanted to fix the disconnect between real women and less-than-real product images. Fitcode is changing the focus from size to fit to help women of all shapes and sizes find denim they love.

By women and for women, we’re here to help you shop online with confidence and find your perfect fit!

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Fits Me

Size is an arbitrary number, but a great fit is the key to unlocking a successful and rewarding shopping experience. Fits Me lets you offer smarter choices – moving shoppers from merely browsing to actually buying. That feel good experience is also what drives brand loyalty, keeping your shoppers coming back more often and buying more.

Using information such as body shape, fit preference, purchase history, and returns data we get a complete understanding of how shoppers prefer the fit of their clothes.

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We offer accurate measurement data and 3D visualization solutions to improve online and offline fashion sales, while securing less returns and an increase in brand loyalty. We give customers a positive virtual try-on shopping experience and fashion brands exciting PR opportunities. Our 3D body scanning solution for public sector uniform manufacturing reduce the cost of production in the short- and long-term.

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Fit Analytics

Using machine learning algorithms, the Size Advisor uses sales records from over 10 million monthly users to calculate the right size for your customers. Information about which articles are kept and which are returned is used to continuously improve the recommendations.

Currently live on The North Face website!

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