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Embr Labs

The first bracelet that heats or cools you.  Wristify is developed by a team of MIT-trained engineers who are using cutting-edge technology to revolutionize temperature.  Thermal relief. Anytime, anywhere.  Wristify recreates the relief you get when you warm your hands by the fireplace in the winter, or when you refresh with an ice cube on your skin in the summer.

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Your Brain controls everything. At BrainCo, we strive to apply Brain Machine Interface (BMI) and neurofeedback training to enable an optimized brain potential. We are developing home based wearables to improve attention level through realtime EEG detections and feedback algorithms.

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Stretch Sense

Wearable motion capture sensors that measure stretch, pressure, bend, and shear

Our wearable sensors are designed to unobtrusively measure large and small strains, and transmit the data accurately to a bluetooth enabled device, without the need for constant recalibration. Our capacitive sensors provide accurate, stable data when stretched repeatedly. 

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