Clotify is building Smart Fashion Community, where you can BROWSE for fashion and fashion inspirations, BUY if there is something that you like, SHARE your style or collages that you created to get relevant feedback and also SELL the clothes that are occupying space in your wardrobe and just waiting to be donated or thrown away.

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"Founded in 2015, Syte is the outcome of many years of research in visual search combining, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create the most accurate, automatic solution in the fashion industry.

Syte does visual search differently, without any tags, text or manual work – our technology is nothing you’ve seen before; taking images to express people’s desires, changing the way users shop and reinventing the way we search & discover fashion online."

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True Fit

"True Fit is footwear and apparel’s discovery platform. It has organized the largest platform of apparel and footwear data through its partnerships with thousands of top brands, the world’s leading retailers, and millions of consumers. Its data is mapped into its Genome™, which helps retailers and brands unlock digital growth in the $2 trillion footwear and apparel industry. The True Fit Genome™ powers its award-winning Confidence Engine™, allowing retailers to provide highly personalized fit ratings and size recommendations to shoppers, resulting in dramatic increases to net revenue. True Fit is also helping to unlock digital growth with its Discovery Engine™, which allows retailers to curate highly personalized collections to each consumer, as well as True Insights™, which provides retailers and brands unparalleled insights to optimize marketing, merchandising, and product development." —

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"EMOTIV is the pioneer of simple to use, high quality, mobile EEG technologies. Recognized and validated by the scientific community and developers worldwide, our brain wearables offer access to advanced brain monitoring and cognitive assessment technologies at affordable price points." —

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Muse: the brain sensing headband helps you get the most out of your meditation practice by giving you real time feedback of what’s going on in your brain. Meditation has been scientifically shown to reduce symptoms associated with stress, depression and anxiety.

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"Neuroelectrics has created diagnostic and treatment telemedicine wireless platforms based on Starstim and Enobio, combining multichannel transcranial current stimulation such as tDCS with EEG. We aim to help patients recover their brain health in pathologies such as chronic pain and stroke rehabilitation. "

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A unique solution for traceability, production monitoring, anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting based on RFID communication techniques, in situ measurement and decoration.

A sparkle of intelligence embedded in 1 Dimension physical structures for any materials and objects and from design to end of life…

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Techpacker is a web application for growing fashion designers and brands to easily develop their design prototypes with factories around the world. The standard design development process today is very complexed and inefficient. Mis-communications being a major problem, these emerging designers suffers from extended product lead times, quality issues and high expenses. Tech packer is a tool to streamline such complications between designers and factories while keeping the creative requirements intact.

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Float Hybrid

Floa is an interactive experience agenc providing a unique blend of forward thinking strategy, cutting-edge design, and ull-stack development. e are at the forefront of emerging technologies and media shaping the way people engage with the world around them. 

Float has developed a set of proprietary technologies that power our experiences, built on top of industry standard platforms. We have expertise in augmented reality, virtual reality, smart displays, holograms, nteractive ames, and large multi screen installations.

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Fitle is a French start-up that offers both Virtual Try-on and Fit Matching. 

"The idea was born from a simple fact: today, in a physical store, you can try on clothes before buying them. However, it is impossible to do online. This is one reason why 25% of the clothes are returned to the e-retailer in France.  In Fitle, after 3 years of R & D, we have developed solutions that allow e-shoppers to buy with confidence and the ready-to-wear brands to improve their conversion rates and reduce their rate of return."

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